Safety & Training

Before initiating work, we make sure we finalise all paper works and approvals that authorities require prior to studding. SARKI is committed towards providing an incident free workplace that is both safe and healthy for all its employees and contractors whilst minimising its footprint on the environment. We train our staff on every new technology and on safety manners and operations.

Such trainings are given on First Aid, H2S breathing apparatus, safety handling and lifting and defensive driving. SARKI makes it a line management responsibility to provide visible leadership in the implementation of a comprehensive HSE management system processes, supported by a dedicated HSE organizational structure that conforms to the OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 international standards.

• Require that we all take full responsibility for our own health and safety and that of the persons around us in a team work envi- ronment in which we all care for each other.

• Always conduct our business with con- sideration for effects on the environment in a way that minimizes our impact in terms of pollution, waste and inefficient use of natural resources.

• Set HSE objectives, measure and commu- nicate results, and act to continually improve.

• Provide resources at all levels of the organization to allow us to meet our HSE objectives.

• Actively define, develop and maintain required HSE competencies.

• Take time for proactive identification of hazards. Assessment of associated HSE risks, aspects and impacts, and implementation and maintenance of appropriate risk control measures.

• Anticipate and plan response and recovery to HSE-related emergencies, crisis and disruption. • Stop work whenever concerned with HSE risk and only continue if risk is reduced appropriately.

• Monitor both leading and lagging HSE performance indicators to guide our improve- ment focus.

• Promote open, honest reporting of substandard acts/conditions and incidents, apply systematic investigation methods, and define preventive and corrective actions to minimize future recurrence.

• Share and collaborate actively with our colleagues, clients, contractors, industry and regulators on HSE-related issues.

• Recognize, acknowledge and celebrate outstanding contributions to our HSE efforts.

• Monitor our compliance with HSE-related requirements through comprehensive inspec- tion and audit processes that contribute to the continual improvement of HSE performance.

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Perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus sit voluptatem